FAVO - Aloha Oe. Gute Reise


Volker Schlott - soprano saxophone

Falk Breitkreuz - Bass Clarinet, Mbira, Ukelele

Sander De Winne - Voice

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rec. 2012 at “RBB”, Berlin, Germany.

producer: FAVO

co-producer: Ulf Drechsel Label: Konnex

FAVO - 3


Volker Schlott - soprano saxophone, percussion

Falk Breitkreuz - Bass Clarinet, Alto clarinet

Sander De Winne - Voice, beatbox

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rec. 2015 at Aurec studio, Berlin

Recording: J.Heckel

Edits, mixing: V. Schlott, Victoriastudio

Mastering: Andreas Balaskas


IKI feat. Sander De Winne - DEW


IKI (voices)

Sander De Winne (Voice)

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rec. February 2015 at Motormusic studios, Mechelen, Belgium

Recording: Vincent De Bast

Edits, mixing: Brecht Plasschaert

Mastering: Noiselab


LABEL: DME (Danish music & entertainment)


sander de winne / kosmos


Sander De Winne (Voice, compositions)

Steven Delannoye (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet)

Bram De Looze (piano, fender rhodes)

Lennart Heyndels (double bass)

Lionel Beuvens (drums)


Feat. IKI

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rec. February 2015 at Motormusic studios, Mechelen, Belgium

Recording: Vincent De Bast

Edits, mixing: Vincent De Bast

Mastering: Steven Maes for Motormusic Mastering


LABEL: W.E.R.F. Records, Brugge, Belgium


sander de winne

vocalist & composer // Belgium

© all rights reserved.

Artists #withRefugees - "Two small bags, Ten Million dreams'

Frank Vaganée & Michaël De Cock / Brussels Jazz Orchestra / I Solisti del Vento / Brussels Vocal Project / Tutu Puoane / David Linx



mini-cd for the benefit of charity!


"20 June 2016 is World Refugee Day, a day that will be celebrated at Ancienne Belgique (Brussels) with a benefit concert by Artists #withRefugees. In anticipation of this concert the artists launch the cd Two Small Bags, Ten Millions Dreams, featuring the tragic story of a family of refugees seeking a new life in the back of a truck. The lyrics were written by Michael De Cock, the music by Frank Vaganée (Brussels Jazz Orchestra). A lot of big names from the Belgian jazz music scene and beyond, participate for free in the recording, as well as in the concert on 20 June: Tutu Puoane, David Linx, Brussels Vocal Project, I Solisti del Vento, Brussels Jazz Orchestra and Etienne Siebens (conductor on 20 June)."


Note: this item will be shipped around 10 June 2016.


Two Small Bags, Ten Million Dreams: 35'02''

By buying this download, you support Music Fund.


Composed and arranged by Frank Vaganée

Lyrics by Michael De Cock - translation by Purni Morell


Download the lyrics:




Conductor: Frank Vaganée


Vocal soloists: Tutu Puoane - David Linx


I Solisti del Vento: flute/piccolo: Lieve Goossens; flute: Els Weckx; bassoon: Francis Pollet; french horns: Ivo Hadermann, Anthony Devriendt; timpani: Koen Wilma's; vibraphone/glockenspiel: Carlo Willems


Brussels Vocal Project: François Vaiana - Sander De Winne - Jonas Cole - Sarah Klenes - Anu Junnonen - Elsa Grégoire


Brussels Jazz Orchestra:

reeds: Frank Vaganée, Dieter Limbourg, Kurt Van Herck, Bart Defoort, Bo Van der Werf

trumpets: Serge Plume, Nico Schepers, Pierre Drevet, Jeroen Van Malderen

trombones: Marc Godfroid, Lode Mertens, Ben Fleerakkers, Laurent Hendrick

piano: Nathalie Loriers

double bass: Jos Machtel

drums: Toni Vitacolonna


Instrumental solos by: Pierre Drevet - trumpet; Frank Vaganée - alto saxophone; Nathalie Loriers - piano


Recorded at ACE Studio in Aartselaar, Belgium on March 24 and March 31, 2016.

Producer: Frank Vaganée

Executive producer: VOF SIEN

Recording engineer: Gyuri Spies

Assistent recording engineer: Frank Van Bogaert

Assistent to the musicians: Fabio Di Meo

Editing and mixing: Gyuri Spies assisted by Frank Vaganée

Mastering by Gyuri Spies

General assistance by Koen Maes and Veerle Heyvaert

Photography: Thanassis Stavrakis

Artwork: Zap All People