sander de winne

vocalist & composer // Belgium

sander de winne "soil"



Sander De Winne (BE) (vocals, compositions, arrangements)

Bram De Looze (BE) (piano, fender rhodes)

Lennart Heyndels (BE) (double bass)

tba (BE) (drums)




"Jazz and improvised music that takes you on an intense journey...A variety of sounds, atmospheres, deep grooves and beautiful & challenging colours! sander de winne's soil creates a personal cosmos, an infinite space with everything that it contains."







sander de winne solo


Sander De Winne (vocals, loops, toys)




"noise, toys, songs, sounds, old, new, world, home, close, far, in, out, ...a kind of testimony, a certain view on life, a personal speech"









Volker Schlott (DE) (soprano saxophone)

Falk Breitkreuz (DE) (bass clarinet)

Sander De Winne (vocals)




"FAVO...FA VO...Falk & Volker...or...Fantasie Vogel...Fantasy bird...A magical dance between the human voice and two breathtaking wind instruments. Music from the world, for the world."






Sander De Winne & Bram De Looze


Sander De Winne (vocals)

Bram De Looze (piano)



"A very playful and virtuoso duo that stretches their repertoire from old jazz tunes to interpretations of pop songs, impro and actually anything they consider worth experimenting with. A spectacular two-men-band!"








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